Decorating My New York City Apartment

Throughout different societies in history, decor was a way to artistically express a cultures’ lifestyle and at times were considered to be status symbols. How a room or home is decorated can evoke emotions of happiness, comfort, and familiarity. Growing up, I never really cared much for southwestern decor until I moved away from my home in Florida for college, and had to live hours away in New York City. Once I moved into my new apartment that was unfurnished and bare, I realized the importance of interior design and decor.


I wanted to have my living space reflect who I am as a person, as well as remind me of home and what makes me happy. I transformed my apartment from an empty shell to a dreamy ocean oasis, by carefully choosing warm lighting, selecting a color scheme that made me feel calm and having rugs and decor that was comforting to be surrounded by. Since I was living in a city where it is cold 6 months out of the year and was nowhere near a beach, which was something I was used to being surrounded by when I was living in Florida, I decided that somehow I have to bring the beach and sunshine to me.


I decorated my room with seashells and painted the wall a light blue, and pictures all over the apartment of either the ocean or memories of me at the beach. This helped make living in New York City more bearable for me and I was able to avoid the feeling of being homesick by how my surroundings made me feel. This was when I realized that decor mattered to me and played a huge role in how I choose to decorate my surroundings. It is more than just expressing my individuality and style through the form of interior design it was about making somewhere feel like home no matter where I am.