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Month: April 2017


Southwestern Style Rugs Make a Great Addition

horse thieves southwestern rug

South western rugs can make a great addition to many homes, yet with the sheer range of other options available to you, from the modern to those stemming from other traditions, it can be hard to decide whether you should go with them or not. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider them:

They are highly decorative. Cheap standard rugs are quite plain, simply because the manufacturers want neutral designs that will appeal to the broadest range of people. That is fine if you don’t mind the floors of your home being bland and featureless, but it does not help much if you want to make a talking point of them. Even in otherwise quite minimalist decorating schemes, this sort of rug can create just the right splash of color to set off the rest of the room.


There are many designs to choose from, whatever your current tastes. Unlike many other traditional rug forms, where the designs are mostly fixed, these rugs represent a whole range of variations on a few key themes. That means that no matter what effect you are looking for, you are bound to find at least one rug that will help you to achieve it.


You’re connecting to a tradition. Rugs have been made in this style throughout the south western for centuries, so if it’s a regional culture that appeals to you, or that simply fits in with the look you are trying to achieve, then the right rug can make it easy to connect to that tradition.


They come in a range of prices. Unlike some traditional rug types, where there is only one price, and that is extortionate, this type of rug is available in a wide variety of price points. That is large because it is a style of rug rather than a specific production technique, so it is possible to achieve authentic designs while still getting the benefits of modern manufacturing approaches.



South western rugs can help you to dramatically improve a room. If the rooms in your home are currently looking a little drab, then the right rug can make a big difference. Because your floor surface is such a large portion of the area in any room, whatever you do to it regarding decoration has a huge impact. Used correctly, a rug of this type can be the focus for a whole new decorating scheme, or can simply be a great way of finishing off your existing décor.


Whatever the reason, bright, highly decorative south western rugs can almost always make a difference to your home. Whether you want them to inject a little color into a room that has slipped from neutrality into blandness, or whether you want to make them the key points in your home’s new look, they are a great, high-quality option that you can still get at a reasonable price. Used wisely, they can make all the difference to your home, and make it a great place to live in.

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Modern Living with Contemporary Bed Linens

There are a lot of prospects to choose from in giving life and excitement to your bedrooms simply by incorporating contemporary bed linen. A frontrunner to these prospects is the easy care poly cotton that gives a lot of value in quality. This fabric is soft and smooth and does away with ironing and pressing as it does not get crumpled or creased. Aside from its elegance and quality, this fabric is priced reasonably.


The most prominent feature of the contemporary bed linen is that it can be cleaned using the washing machine. The more delicate and stylized bed linens require the more expensive dry cleaning option. It would be nice to have these designer bed linens for special occasions, but for everyday use, it is more practical to keep it with the contemporary bed linens.

There are complete bed linens available online which would effectively upgrade the aesthetic and functional appeal of your bedroom. With the huge harvest of cotton crops experienced last year, there has been a big surplus of the cotton material that is mostly responsible for the higher cotton content of bed linens in the market up to this day. This means that you can get quality and high grade bed linens at bargain prices which mean more value for your bedroom.

A lot of home decoration practitioners have been maximizing the use of cotton in bed linens because of its popular cost. With consideration on sturdiness, these people can even choose the designer contemporary beds covers and get them at affordable prices. The Duvet bed cover is an attractive choice as it has a classy appearance with its 100 percent Egyptian cotton and 600 thread density count, and a piece of this item can be fetched at less than $100.

You can easily modify and upgrade your bedroom with the use of the sateen stripped covers as an alternative to the duvet bed cover. With a density of 280 threads, this Egyptian cotton cover can be purchased for an incredible value with a price of only $25. The Egyptian cotton is known for durability and strength with its relatively longer fibers and reasonable price.

There are comforter sets also available over the Internet and these sets come in variants of four, seven, nine, eleven, and fifteen items. The 15-item set is ideal for the amateur home decorating enthusiast who wants everything for his bedroom, as it includes everything you need from bed linen covers, to pillows, skirtings, and even curtains. These contemporary bed linen sets are complete with extra bed sheets, comforters, duvet bed covers, and light sheets that can last a long time in the bedroom.


These bed linens also come in different and beautiful designs and colors that would give you the opportunity to mix and match with your bedroom. Multiple duvet bed covers can be used that would give prominence and style to your bedrooms. Choosing light pastels can blend with almost any design and decoration.…

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Western Home Decor and Why We Love It

The décor of any room is an art form. It is used as self expression and sets the energy for anyone entering the room. In my own life, my own sense of style is based on energy. The décor I choose must reflect a positive and open energy and an inviting taste. It is a display of how I choose to live and who I am as a person. It can be over the top or subtle and minimal, either way, it is important to portray who we are in our own space. Not only to make ourselves feel comfortable and at home but those who enter our space as well. In our society, we see just how important aesthetic has become in our own self promotion and branding. Aesthetic is an important part in décor. Within any given event or major gathering we can see just how much time and energy goes into carpeting, wall décor, lighting, and unique pieces. It sets the event apart and gives the audience an understanding of what the intentions behind the gathering may be. Before decorating any room we are given a blank wall, like a canvas and the décor we choose is the reflection of our own interpretation of the given space. We use these tools to tell a story and this is why décor is an important part of our society. It is an underrated form of art which takes a keen eye for detail and an articulate intention.

You never notice your surroundings more than when you are suffering under the 12th hour of an intense research paper. Surprisingly, it’s not writing itself like you thought it would, “Why did choose Mating Calls of The Patagonian Ice Seagulls?! You ask as you chug down your 3rd gigantic mug of coffee. You try to get comfortable choosing the perfect chair and the perfect spot with the perfect lighting. You arrange your books and your laptop in just the right way but, as the minutes tick away your mind goes blank again. You wonder why I can’t just break through this writers block. It might be the décor, an overlooked element for sure!

Being able to have a quiet, comfortable and inspiring place to study is of the most crucial elements of the college student, especially a writer. In fact, some of the most enlightened characters in history have had the mind to create for themselves a perfect nook for studying complete with their preferred lighting, seating and inspirational décor. A roaring fireplace, wall to wall bookshelves, art and memorabilia of expeditions past were par for the course in these studies as well as exotic or rustic furniture and artifacts. These were people of science, exploration and innovation; they knew that décor matters. These are the things I think about when I think about décor and what I want my study room to look like, comfort and inspiration are priceless to the student and scholar.

I’m a history major, so I find the 18th century studies of England to be most interesting and I often find myself looking through Google for pictures of such study rooms. As for myself, my study room is in the living room.  I’ve taken over a small high legged dining table because I like to spread out all of my study materials out where I can see them. I have a single green bankers lamp from the 40’s perched near my laptop and a stiff high backed dark brown leather chair so I can sit straight back. I have a small soft shaggy rug underneath my bare feet and all of this is positioned near the east window so I can do my work in the light of the morning while I sip my coffee. Around me are several potted plants and artwork, my own and of some friends to inspire me.
I’m about to transfer to a U.C. and I can say without a doubt that one of the most important things I’ve learned in community college is that a perfect study with perfect décor can mean the world to a student.

Décor has always been in my life; I’ve had everything from carpets to paintings to doilies. I feel like décor is important because it can either make or break a room. When entering a house the first thing I look at is the décor, I want to see if the décor matches their personality. Décor is what brings a room to life and it also makes you feel welcomed. As someone who likes to decorate I enjoy looking for the endless possibilities décor can do for your house. I am currently a sophomore in college and next year I am living with several roommates and we want to come up with décor ideas that will best fit our personality. Décor says a lot of one person’s lifestyle and tastes. Indians have been making décor since before I was alive. My mom would tell me stories of Indians making quilts from when she was younger (We have a % of Indian) That is amazing that since before I was born people have been decorating and have been focused on décor. I feel as though it is socially normal for people to have décor in their house. If you do not have décor in your house then that is truly breaking social norms. Décor can range from anything to furniture, carpets, and even dog décor. Décor is in our everyday life and should continue to be in our everyday life. Psychiatrist state that décor can help ones emotions and help them cope with certain situations and make them either act our or act calm, which is why psychiatrist have décor around their office to make someone feel comfortable and at ease. In conclusion, I believe décor needs to be everywhere to make someone feel at home and/or welcomed, and it also is there for the enjoyment of yourself and others.

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